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Services at Christall Kay - The Interior Company.

We will decorate and design just about any space that you may require!

The process we will follow is something like this:

1. First Consultation

At your first meeting with us, we will determine your specific needs. You will answer some basic questions, and then we will speak to you about your ideas and what you would like to achieve. We like to have an understanding about your preferences and taste.

Your budget is fundamental to the particular look and feel that you choose. We will guide you with regard to various options that you could go for with regard to the budget you have. It is important that the budget is decided upon upfront, in order to proceed with the design and d├ęcor work. We always ensure that you get the best value for the money that you are willing to spend.

2. Drawing up a Floor Plan and Presenting Storyboards

The area will be surveyed and a floor plan drawn up which will form the basis of your new design. Your storyboards will present the floor layout, furniture layout, furniture, fabrics, window treatments and soft furnishing options.

3. Electrical, Spatial and Ceiling Planning

This stage would include layouts concerning floor, ceiling, electrical, spatial, and lighting requirements.

4. Building Interior Design

We can provide advice where required with regard to wall finishes such as paint colours and techniques, wallpaper, types of flooring, carpets, lighting and bathroom fixtures.

5. Interior Decorating

This is always the most enjoyable stage as your project is now ready for all the dressing! It includes finalizing and moving into place all your furniture. Your windows will get their treatment. This may take the form of blinds, curtains or shutters. All soft furnishings and accessories will be introduced into your space and finally any artwork will be moved into place.
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