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Christall Kay the founder and CEO of Christall Kay We, at Christall Kay – The Interior Company believe that living or working in a stylish environment uplifts your senses, and provides you with a more harmonious and serene outlook, with which to live your life. Living in a elegant home or office can also have a positive impact on your self-esteem and bring a sense of harmony and greater success to your world. What is also important to us is balancing beauty and creativity with practicality to make each space not only beautiful to live in, but easy to live in. Your own flair and style is extremely important to us and we are always careful to design with your particular specifications in mind.

Christall Kay, as the name of our company suggests, is the founder and CEO of Christall Kay - The Interior Company. Her personal style and love for interior design has resulted in Christall creating a world of harmony, style and elegance in the spaces that she has transformed. She has always possessed a special talent with regard to design and colour. Her training as a designer and an image consultant bring a special kind of sensitivity and awareness with regard to balance and order in any of her designs.

Christall's own home has certainly enjoyed her magical touch. She personally managed the entire facelift to her American Colonial, part French Provencal mansion in Kyalami, and then of course went to work and decorated the entire home. Christall's efforts were so successful that the popular TV programme Top Billing, showcased Christall's home and an interview with her.

Christall is married and is a mother to a beautiful baby boy called Luke. She is also an accomplished pop singer with her music being played on radio stations across the country!

You will no doubt find Christall's world a beautiful and charming place where your every style and decor need will be met, and where your space will be transformed under her capable hands. The future awaits…

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